Sunday, July 15, 2012

My perspective on NDTV-AIRCEL, INDIA’s Tiger Campaign

15th July, 2012: Sunday is meant to be an off day, a day to relax and rest. For the tigers, tiger lovers and the tiger conservation family, 15th July 2012 (Sunday) will be remembered and rejoiced. NDTV’s noble initiative in collaboration with the AIRCEL NDIA in informing the world and more so campaigning for the conservation of tigers is appreciated and admired beyond words. I am glad that NDTV’s initiative has reminded the world including the poachers and their net works till the end users that it’s high time that we work to  save tigers.  I wish that this has reached to the deaf ears of the greedy illegal net working net work on tiger trade and poaching.

 If we are to succeed with the tiger coservation, to me, India is the energy and only we can if India does,  as India is home to more than half of the worlds tiger population.  It is a delightful moment for me as I spent all my Sunday watching Amitabh Bachchan as an ambassador for the tiger  conservation taking the energetic move on NDTV for the tigers cause. I think this has really amplified the passion for the tiger lovers to Just love more.

 I pay my deepest respect to every individual who are involved in working to save these majestic creatures. As a person working for the same in Bhutan, I salute the field staff in all the tiger reserves of india for exhibiting such an unmatching conservation service.  After 5 years leaving the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy,  seeing the same field people on the NDTV, whom I met during my those by-gone training days still working for the same with same energy is encouraging. I still remember them sharing their experiences and difficulties faced in the field and I am expericencing  exactly what they told me those days. My salute to them.

Encouraging to know that the fund raising initiative for tiger conservation has received a great support  and this is truly and indication that the people have realized the importance of their (tigers) existence.  This is a reflection of  “Better late than never” . I wish that the media agencies in all other 12 tiger range countries adopt this noble initiative as NDTV did. More so, I wish the media agencies in my own country (Bhutan) appreciates the NDTV’s initiative and organize in a similar way. Bhutan has Tigers and they need the similar protection and initiatives.
 If we don’t unite to work together, we will lose them to the hands of few selfish individuals through poaching and illegal trade. Where as, if  we join our hands, then these remaining few numbers of tigers can be a common asset where they become a global asset.

Congratulations for the Rs. 5.81 crore money raised in just 12 hours time for the cause of tiger conservation. Thank you NDTV-AIRCEL for this initiative and your reminder for the noble cause.  I hope the world is listening.