Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Six years old son of Ura was born to a mother school.

Ura Primary School (now high school)

  As I inaugurate my blog to share my humble thoughts and simple feelings, first thing that comes to my mind is my first school, what I call as the legendary "Ura Primary School". Born in 1962, in a small and beautiful valley of Ura, she was amongst one of the modern educational nucleus to many rural folks then.
With full of energy to contribute to this small nation, commonly referred to as the Men-jong Druk Yul (land of medicinal herbs) then, unlike the land of Gross National Happiness (GNH) now, she gave birth to many intellectual rural folks. Out of many, some passed away, some of them are old and about to retire from this small ball of clay and water what scientists have termed as one of the planets in the solar system so called "mother earth". Some of them are respectable citizens, some are old students… as old as the school is, some custodians of the villages, some scholars....and   so on and so forth.
It’s difficult for me to count how many elders brothers and sisters my 'mother school' gave birth to and it’s just impossible to keep track on my 'mother school's annual birth to my younger siblings. All I remember is that When she was in her mid 20's (26 years after establishment, 1988), I was born to her ( By then I was already six years old from my biological parents).
All I remember is that I have learned my first english and dzongkha alphabets from this very school. March 10 used to be the school opening day in those days. Standing in line for the morning assembly taught me how to stand on my own foot and prayer for the assembly introduced me to the god of wisdom (Jampelyang) which I didn't know for many years to whom I was praying and what is Gangi lodey that I have been murmuring every morning.
Now I feel that the years spent out of ignorance and innocence in praying every morning (Chanting gangi-lodey) for all those years without knowing what and what for, to whom and why  etc....have been partially answered.  (to be continued.......)


  1. Dear Brother,

    its a good feeling altogether to have you among the bloggers of Bhutan in particular and world in general. I know you will have loads to share, but at the same time I guarantee that you will also learn a lot from here. There are many good people here.

    Well, it is overwhelmingly nostalgic going through your post. My memories came gushing, tears filled my eyes, my heart ached and my heart beat increased instantly. it was joy being reminded about our "mother".

    It reminded me of those good old days; -of fried bulgars and of boiled potato curries, Of Lopen Tenzin and of lopen Sadhu, Of Kezang and of Jigme, .........these memories glitters in my mind afresh and lush........

    Thanks for reminding me. My our "Mother" prevail till eternity.......


  2. To summarize the meals:
    Breakfast: Porridge
    Lunch: Bulgar
    Dinner: Kharang

    Supplemented by Dal in place of curry quite often

  3. OOhhhh I completely forgot dal......oohhh that dal which was more of a salted boiled water .....

    How about the fish curry on Saturdays?????

  4. Brother Tashi delek, its indeed a pleasure filled with happiness to got through your first post on your blog.I am sure you have lots to share, you keep posting and i will keep reading warey.

  5. Saturday fish....yes Gift from Norway.....I think.I still remember those days dry fishes sealed in wooden boxes. Now we must thank those fishes who sacrificed their lives (infact sacrifice under no option to survive) for providing necessary dietary requirements for our tender bodies that time.

    Pema Bro, I will try to keep posting, and hope you will enjoy atleast when u r away from home.

  6. jigme jigme tho jigme, to aa tshe tshe sa wai, forgot other lines..

  7. A nostalgic recount of memories from the legendary Ura Pry. School. From the chronology of events after its establishment and recount of its contribution to the small nation of ours in the form of human resource down to potpourri of touching events like food, key people and the state of affairs back then.
    Reading this, the sound of the bell at the school kitchen door resounded in my ears.
    Anyway it was nice reading your article. We welcome you to this blogosphere!.Its nice to have more people with whom we can relate well because we have many things in common.

  8. Hi Wai,
    Nice to read your first article and I congratulate you wai for your blog. Tashi Delek!!!All the best with your blog and hope that you would inspire your readers.
    Norbu Wangdi

  9. Lhendup, I commend all the efforts you put in your career and everything you do...it was a wonderful piece on the legendary Ura Pry School...the very institution that groomed many of us into fine individuals and potential citizens...i wish one day i could go back there and work for what it had gave me....thank you for reminding us the glory of past and hope of future...keep writing and we will keep reading....

  10. hey bro. congratulation for your new block and also good to read about the ura school from which i was born too. keep it up