Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snow Leopards in Bhutan : Queen of Himalayas

Some say “Mountain ghosts” and some refer to as “Queen of Himalayas”. Me in my own way and to me,  I  can’t  resist to refer them as the” King of Himalayas”, the elusive and cryptic species  “SNOW LEOPARD”.   Bhutan is known for its un-matching biodiversity richness. The per capita of biodiversity richness for a small country like Bhutan would be beyond any doubt be one of  the highest among the countries.  

Untill recent, when camera traps were not deployed for snow leopard survey, irrespective of the concrete evidence reports from the field, many people questioned the true existence.  In normal surveys, FALSE ABSENCE is often a big consideration due to DETECTABILITY  factor, but for snow leopards in Bhutan, it was more of a FALSE PRESENCE. It is at time a big question whether we really have snow leopards in Bhutan.

This is where and when the modern technology rescued conservationists in Bhutan in raising our heads while talking on snow leopards. In a difficult terrain like Bhutan’s, no amount of energy would suffice the search for Himalayan kings, and last resort one would wish for is magic and magical powers. Rugged and in accessible  terrains compounded by high altitudes with low oxygen level  is not only an inhibiting factors for the researchers in Bhutan’s high mountain terrains, but a matter of daring to sacrifice one’s life to struggle with the available oxygen in those places. Up on the mountains, where you feel at the height above most of the places on the planet except for few peaks like EVEREST and its competitor ranges,  one will wish for only one thing, the SNOW LEOPARD rolling on its tail on the snow covered steep slopes.

Findings from the camera trapping effort in the northern protected areas of Bhutan in last 2 years span has proven more than anyone could wish the proof to be.  Numerous individuals have been captured in Jigme Dorji National Park (JDNP) and Wangchuck Centennial Park (WCP).  Big cats are solitary in nature, but who said that they are lone animals. Like everyone do, they love their families. So is the Snow leopard family in WCP has been captured using the remote camera.

The officials of WCP, disregarding all the above hostile factors gave their best for the conservation and so did they get their best.  Thanks to all the dedicated heroes of WCP. There have been many records of pictorial findings throughout the snow leopard ranges, but to me atleast, three individuals captured on a single shot in a  camera trap is probably the first one ever (pardon me if I have missed any from others parts of the world).

And that is how snow leoopards survive in the KINGDOM of BHUTAN and Bhutan is  a special place for HIMALAYAN KINGS.


  1. Ya...this is what makes bhutan different to the rest ...and thanks to the technology that we could prove that we are rich as we claim...

    Kudos to the team of WCP...and may we have more of such wonderful days to many other species....

  2. Great. following u and expecting more post.