Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bomb blast at Mahabodhi temple........For good or bad?

PRINCE was born in the south eastern province of Nepal, presently known as Lumbini. Answer to the prayers of the subjects and the wish fulfilment to the King and the queen, a new born prince was named SIDARTHA.  Destined to take over the throne, little Sidartha changed the destiny of his princehood.  Wandering into the forest, leaving the palace behind was a great sacrifice. Who would have thought so?....It would have been  full of surprise, shock and disbelief. Decision was final that time and I suppose that it was a heavenly and karmic decision.  
Sidartha’s way of practice wandering in Nepal and India without having to process visa was a sign of transboundary peace. For the survival it was full of peace, but for the enlightenment it wasn’t so. With much difficulties and hardships, a prince who would have enjoyed the ultimate freedom of worldly materials has attained the buddhahood enlightenment at the verge of his only skeletal body remains collapsing. Popularly known as Jagar Dorji Dhen (Bodhgaya in INDIA) is the very place where he attained enlightenment. I believe that is the very place where Sidartha got an ultimate enlightenment  under the boddhi peepal tree called Jangchub shing and became so called BUDDHA.
7th July 2013 marked the day of reminder of princely Buddha. To me I feel that Buddha doesn’t belong to the Buddhist world only, but to the universe.  Therefore, why a blast at the site where he attained enlightenment?

My personal views: 

1.     It’s a warning as well as reminder for the host country India to give due importance to their heritage site and also other countries to support for the greater cause. We all must be concerned and reminded of the unseen and unpredictable future.
2.     Why do we blame Naxalites and terrorists?. I don’t see any reason for the Naxals and terrorists in planting a bomb at the place of so much respect and importance. Even the terrorists are human beings in search of peace and wellbeing.  They too have religion. They have faith in god and mercy on others sufferings.
3.     Security needs to be strengthened. It could be an alarm call from the concerned group of individuals to have a tight security for such an important place. Small damage for now could mean saving the great monument for future.

4.     Blast at Mahabodhi temple is a sign of flourishing buddhism. Disturbances are inevitable in the journey of success and accomplishments. Charming Prince Sidartha encountered endless disturbances towards the path of Dharma to the destination of enlightenment. So its a process of glorifying Buddhism. 

At this very moment, I write these instant thoughts with sadness. I am sad that they targeted on the holy eepal tree (Ficus religiosa) under which Buddha attained enlightenment.

 I am not sure if some one has already tried to raise a seedling from this tree and its high time that something is done to save its originality through certain means. Cost of losing this holly tree would mean a lot for our future generation. We may not be able to hand over the legacy to our children and grand children.

Therefore, its time for us to unite and cooperate in saving the global heritage monument of great significance. May peace prevail on earth and happiness to the people around the globe.