Friday, September 4, 2020

De-Suung བདེ་སྲུང་། : “Yellow Vision of Orange”: (a contemplative reflection of a humble citizen)


 De-Suung (བདེ་སྲུང་།), the Guardians of Peace, envisioned by His Majesty The King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck was launched in 2011. It was founded on The Royal Vision of promoting peace, harmony, and unity through a spirit of camaraderie, volunteerism, and cooperation.

“The underlying premise of the training is built upon the spirit of ‘volunteerism’, and the need to reinforce ethical standards and also to cultivate values of community service, integrity, and civic responsibility.” The De-Suung is an integrated personal development program, aimed at encouraging active citizenry through volunteerism for the nation-building. Responding during the time of disaster and the post-disaster relief operations through solidarity and volunteerism were the primary goal of the initiative from the golden throne. The ORANGE turned out to be the blessing from the supreme “ Yellow”; the blessing in the form of service by the orange heroes to the citizens.

An orange vision could have been founded on prophecy that many had not envisioned of future, that only raven crown guided would foresee. With De-Suung programme, nation-building was ensured in active citizenship and commitment to the next level of the democratic system. Thus, the future was predicted and visioned in Orange brigade and selflessness.

A decade back, COVID Pandemic was not even a supposition, let alone be the reality of its real-time notoriety. Face Mask dominating the supply and demand curve of the market dynamics was not even a distant dream. Physical distancing would have never been so much solicited terminology. Therefore, the lockdown has been a fairytale word of this generation.


Did we ever contemplate on the readiness of the nation through the service of orange heroes shielding the nation and her citizens? Did we ever doubt when will these oranger’s harmonize in the call of the nation? Did we even felt the need of the Orangers' at one point in time? The clairvoyance of the king of destiny has prevailed a decade back for the unseen possibilities of the reality that we are facing today, the Covid-19 pandemic. I feel that it was a readiness initiative by the small nation for global chaos. The readiness prophecy was painted as an Orange; the De-Suung.

 One of the objectives of the De-Suung is: “To instill a greater sense of community, harmony, and cooperation as a group and individual members of society”. After being a mere spectator of the service by the Orangers’ at such an unprecedented time of Covid-19 pandemics supporting other frontline personnel (White, Camouflage, blue, and Green and others) uniform, can we think of anything more to fulfill the objectives of the very noble initiative? To me, the call of the nation has been answered ( although the fight will go on until the COVID is defeated, the Orangers’ keeps our hope high and assures the victorious certainty).

  After a very successful first phase of the lockdown ( with a wishful prayer that this will be the last as well), the question that comes to my mind is: What if the De-Suung Program was not instituted? Would it have been comfortable for the nation to respond as much as we succeeded this time without e Orangers’? The Orangers aka the De-Suups has been a blessing of His Majesty the King to the land of Druk and Drukpas. Today, I humbly call it “The Vision of The Visionary.”

                                                       Kadrinche, Mewang Chog 

* * *

                                                                 Lhendup Tharchen

                                                                4th September 2020